Monday, 28 January 2013

Jane Iredale Sample kit in Medium Review

Jane Iredale Sample Kit Review 

Amazing Base, Purepressed Powder

I have put these to products together because I feel the same way about both of them I absolutely love these product’s. The look is sheer and semi-matte, the feel is weightless you don’t feel like your wearing make up and I like that. To apply this product you use downward strokes and circle round the eye area. I added extra powder to any red areas and was surprised by how well it covered normally I would have to use a concealer, and you can build the coverage. This product is a four in 1 it provides four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits. I am sold on these product’s and will be ordering more in different shades for my kit.


wasn't that impressed with the circle/delete I think it was because it was the wrong colour for me it was to pink, so I used it as my eyelid primer.

Purepressed Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow looks fairly dark in the pan but does not transfer the same on to the eye I felt I had to put quiet a lot on to get and colour pay of. I wouldn't say I would never use this product again I will try some of there other colours before I would say I wouldn't use them. I like the feel of them its very soft and weightless you don’t feel like your wearing any make up.

Sugar and Butter Lip Plumper

Makes your lips feel so smooth and nourished it has a slight tingly feel to it.

Lip Drink SPF 15

This is an amazing product for people with chapped lips. It's so soft and smooth on the lips and is also a SPF. This balm smells really good its really fresh smelling would definitely order again.

Puremoist Lipcolour 

The lip stick I love it is so nourishing and feels so smooth on the lips.

I did a look using the products, the other products I used wear HD brows and clinique High impact mascara. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wounded Arm Step by Step

 Wounded Arm Step by Step 

Step 1 Roll out a length of wax to to suit the size of wound you want place the wax on the desired area smooth out the edges so the wax blends into the skin thin it out as much as you can you will be left with a raised area. 

Step 2 Take your craft knife and slice down the middle and pull down the edges to make a rough cut.

Step 3 Take your greasepaint in red 079 deep red burgundy in 082 and black in 071. Use the black to make the cut look deep then apply red around the inside of the wound using a stiff brush. I use the the wigs up north socket brush, this is a great brush for stippling using grease paints to create texture. I think this brush is a little harsh for around the eye area. I also used a stipple sponge to create texture on the arm area.

Step 4 To finish the look I used ben nye stage blood in the wound, I then broke a CD case into shards to create a glass effect, for a safer option you can use sili glass you can buy this at Once the glass was applied I added extra blood for effect.

 This is the end result I created I hope you like, and I would love to see other peoples work and if any one has any tips for me or if you want to know more information on how to create this look feel free to leave me a message. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics 

This is a great neutral palette you can create a lot of different looks you can use this palette for liner, eyebrows and you can use Venus for highlighter,
 I like to use this shade in the inner corner of the eye. I am so glad Urban Decay  have brought out an all matte palette it goes really well with my Naked Palette as I thought the Naked palette lacked matte shades so I am very pleased with this product and would recommend this product to any and for the price of £20 its a great buy.

From Left to Right

Venus Off white demi matte, Foxy Cream bisque, W.O.S Very light nude, Naked2 Taupe, Faint Warm                            
                                          dusty brown and Crave Darkest brown/black.

Favourites Products for January

    My Favourite Products This Month

Urban Decay Naked Basics 

Urban Decay Primer Potion 

HD Brows 

All about eyes serum

Stay matte foundation

High impact mascara

Nars Blusher

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

 Shellac Christmas collection 
Tinsel Toast
Ruby Ritz

 Different Techniques with Shellac 
Purple purple with Additive Pink Gold Sparkle Effect
Cream Puff with Additive Pink
Cream Puff with Additive Blue

Thursday, 23 August 2012

How To Apply Eyeshadow To Different Eye Shapes

Hey everyone I am going to tell you about a few different eye shapes, and how to apply eyeshadow to enhance your features. I have also put a diagram in to show you how to apply eye make up to different eye shapes. I hope this helps.

Almond eyes are considered the perfect eye shape. If you have almond eye shape lucky for you because any eye technique will look great on you.

Hooded eyes they have a fold of skin which hangs over the socket line. This happens with age, use matte colours in medium to dark and keep eye make up simple. For the more mature women I would avoid using shimmery products on eyes as this will enhance the wrinkles even more.

Protruding eyes this eye shape has a bulge from the socket to lash line and can be difficult to work with. I would use medium to dark shades, I wouldn't use anything light on the lid or shimmery this will only make the  eye stand out more.