Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wounded Arm Step by Step

 Wounded Arm Step by Step 

Step 1 Roll out a length of wax to to suit the size of wound you want place the wax on the desired area smooth out the edges so the wax blends into the skin thin it out as much as you can you will be left with a raised area. 

Step 2 Take your craft knife and slice down the middle and pull down the edges to make a rough cut.

Step 3 Take your greasepaint in red 079 deep red burgundy in 082 and black in 071. Use the black to make the cut look deep then apply red around the inside of the wound using a stiff brush. I use the the wigs up north socket brush, this is a great brush for stippling using grease paints to create texture. I think this brush is a little harsh for around the eye area. I also used a stipple sponge to create texture on the arm area.

Step 4 To finish the look I used ben nye stage blood in the wound, I then broke a CD case into shards to create a glass effect, for a safer option you can use sili glass you can buy this at Once the glass was applied I added extra blood for effect.

 This is the end result I created I hope you like, and I would love to see other peoples work and if any one has any tips for me or if you want to know more information on how to create this look feel free to leave me a message. 

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