Thursday, 23 August 2012

How To Apply Eyeshadow To Different Eye Shapes

Hey everyone I am going to tell you about a few different eye shapes, and how to apply eyeshadow to enhance your features. I have also put a diagram in to show you how to apply eye make up to different eye shapes. I hope this helps.

Almond eyes are considered the perfect eye shape. If you have almond eye shape lucky for you because any eye technique will look great on you.

Hooded eyes they have a fold of skin which hangs over the socket line. This happens with age, use matte colours in medium to dark and keep eye make up simple. For the more mature women I would avoid using shimmery products on eyes as this will enhance the wrinkles even more.

Protruding eyes this eye shape has a bulge from the socket to lash line and can be difficult to work with. I would use medium to dark shades, I wouldn't use anything light on the lid or shimmery this will only make the  eye stand out more.

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